Don't Stop Believin'

Fairy Tail: Old & New


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arigato for all the memories even though they weren’t so sugoi


Top 5 Disney Love Songs (as voted by my followers)

↳ #5: Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King - 1994)

Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once in perfect harmony with all its living things.

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The Four Seasons
Spring · Summer · Autumn · Winter

If two people are meant to be together, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
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As Susan left her driveway, she had a feeling she was being watched, and she was. The ghosts of people who had been a part of Wisteria Lane were gazing upon her as she passed. They watched her as they watch everyone, always hoping the living could learn to put aside rage and sorrow, bitterness and regret. These ghosts watch, wanting people to remember that: even the most desperate life…is oh so wonderful. But only a lucky few realize the gift they’ve been given. Most people just go on, day after day, trying in vain to keep secrets that will never stay hidden.